Sleepyhead by the fireplace. Mom calls this one “election night jitters”.
Why am I not surprised that this is from TLC? Debbie must be raising jungle cats. 
  • My mom: You've been in the same position since I left like three hours ago
  • Me: You have to admit that's kind of impressive

This game was basically my crack as a kid. I’d probably still be playing it now if I still had it and it was compatible with something other than Windows 98.
This is so incredibly awesome and yet so simple!

Today I made some Christina Aguilera magnets for our dishwasher so we would know if our dishes were clean or dirrty.

We had already posted a photo of this chevrotain (mouse deer) but another one is in order.
Photo: Patrick B. Kraemer, Associated Press / SF (via Day in Pictures, Oct. 18, 2012 - SFGate)

Lisa Frank Lunch Box
Source: Etsy